Retirement Plan Consulting

Retirement plans should work hard for you, not the other way around.

When we work with retirement plan clients, we consider ourselves caretakers—not only of the plan itself but also of its individual participants. Our goal is to earn the confidence of the plan sponsor and the trust of each participant.

Our Approach

“Our experience in working with retirement plans allows us to make a generally complicated process seamless and rewarding.”

Gray Ingle

Director of Qualified Plans

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Guiding Plan Sponsors

Retirement partnership that continues to grow.

We work closely with plan sponsors, administrators and participants to ensure that their plan best suits their needs, and that it also complies with current ERISA and Department of Labor regulations and guidelines.

Educating Plan Participants

Putting plan participants on the path for their goals.

Participant education is too often neglected or nonexistent, and our commitment to advising plan participants is integral to our fiduciary role as a retirement plan adviser.

Plan Accountability

Your plan is our fiduciary responsibility.

In acting as an ERISA section 3(38) adviser for a retirement plan, MMPW effectively assumes the liability and full responsibility for the selection and monitoring of the plan’s investments. This is the highest level of fiduciary responsibility available to a participant-directed plan.


Bringing the best financial tools to bear.

As an independent adviser, MMPW is able to work with the service providers and fund managers that best fit your particular plan, and we do not participate in revenue sharing or other potential conflicts of interest.

“Our commitment to open architecture empowers us to meet our fiduciary duty: providing plan options based entirely on their investment merits and designed to improve performance and reduce costs.”

Doug McLeod

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in retirement plan consulting?

Beyond selecting and monitoring a retirement plan’s investment options, MMPW serves as the plan fiduciary under ERISA Section 3(38). We also coordinate the plan’s administrative functions, provide participant education and offer an annual investment review for the plan sponsor.

Is MMPW a registered investment advisor?

Yes. MMPW is an employee-owned investment advisory firm registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Although registration of an investment adviser does not imply any level of skill or training, a registered advisory firm is bound by law to act in a fiduciary capacity with each client.

What types of clients do you represent?

Our clients include individuals, families, 401(k) plans, pension and profit-sharing plans, IRA rollovers, trusts, estates, and foundations. In addition, we serve as investment adviser, consultant and fiduciary to 401(k), pension and profit-sharing plans.

How are client relationships formalized?

Both the client and MMPW sign an investment management agreement which details our duties, responsibilities and obligations in general terms and in accordance with regulatory considerations. The contract may be terminated by either party upon written notice.

How often do you meet with clients? Will I receive statements?

We will meet with clients as often as requested, not only to discuss the status and performance of the portfolio, but also to review the client’s overall financial situation and the possibility of a change in investment objectives. Clients will also receive quarterly statements providing a detailed summary of the assets in the account and an overview of investment performance. Other reports include a year-end capital gains and loss report and a year-end summary of the portfolio’s income and expenses.

Does MMPW use proprietary mutual funds in the portfolios under its investment management?

No. We do not serve as investment adviser to any mutual fund and, therefore, do not receive investment advisory fees from any mutual fund. Further, we do not receive any 12b-1 fees from mutual funds, nor do we receive any fees from revenue sharing arrangements. Mutual funds used in the investment management of our clients’ portfolios are selected strictly on their investment merits.

How does MMPW select the mutual funds used in client portfolios?

We are committed to an open architecture approach. Because we have no affiliation with a broker or financial institution, MMPW is free from using any proprietary funds. Our selection process is systematic and unbiased with the primary goal of selecting the best possible funds for client portfolios. From a universe of more than 25,000 mutual funds, we screen by classification and analyze each fund using specific investment criteria.

Will you hold my assets? Are you also my custodian?

MMPW serves as an investment adviser only. We never serve as custodian and therefore do not hold client assets. A third-party custodian is required, creating a dual level of responsibility and accountability for our clients. This allows for the separation of investment advisory services from the possession and control of client assets.

How is your firm compensated? Do you charge commissions?

We are a fee-only advisory firm and do not charge commissions. Our investment management fees are charged according to a published fee schedule based on the assets under management or as a flat fee, subject to negotiation. MMPW does not receive any compensation or benefit from the financial products utilized to manage clients’ accounts or from the trading of assets in our clients’ accounts.