Tax Changes Are Coming Next Year, but You Can Plan for Them Now
It may be important to act now before certain deduction opportunities go away.
5 Reasons Investors Should Give Thanks
Jeffrey Kleintop takes comfort in knowing that market gains this year are well supported by the best global growth in years: something to be thankful for.
The Increasing Importance of the 401(k)
Ben Carlson makes the case that “…as pension plans become a thing of the past for most new employees, the 401k will only continue to grow in importance.”
Tax Cuts Matter, Spending Cuts Matter More
Yes, Brian Wesbury writes, tax cuts can help boost growth – at least temporarily – but without cutting spending, faster economic growth can't be sustained.
Longest Recovery Ever
If the current economic expansion lasts another year and a half, it'll be the longest on record, even surpassing the expansion of the 1990s.
Worried About Rising Rates? Should You Be?
Bonds have historically delivered positive returns when interest rates rise—particularly when they rise gradually.
Fed Preview
Brian Wesbury previews this week's Fed meeting. For him, a rate change of any kind, either up or down, would be a complete stunner.
Put These Charts on Your Wall…
Having a few extreme charts on your wall can be a helpful reminder that there is no such thing as “can’t”, “won’t,” or “has to” in markets.
Worried About Rising Rates? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be
Should tighter monetary policy in the US and Europe worry bond investors?
The Market Is High. Beware of Portfolio Drift.
"If you have not looked at your portfolio for a long time, the chances are very high that you should rebalance."