What are you even looking at?
Josh Brown wants to know. Because while this bull market could stop any time, he sees nothing to indicate the end is imminent.
Imagining the Next Bear Market
While it is certain that the bull market will end at some point, it is obviously unclear when that will occur and what shape the bear market will take.
Should You Invest in Cryptocurrencies? (And What Are They Anyway?)
The short answer is “no”. Investing in cryptocurrencies is straight up speculation.
Worrying is a serious offense
Bob Seawright cautions that for most of us most of the time, worrying will surely be counterproductive, leading to bad decisions and poor returns.
The Bull Keeps Running
Brian Wesbury believes that those who stay optimistic will be richly rewarded. As such, he advises staying optimistic (and staying invested).
Every Time Stocks Fall…
Down days in the markets can play head games because it’s impossible to know whether a one day drop is the start of the next bear market.
How to Invest in an Overvalued Market
Ben Carlson reminds us that while you can’t control what the current market valuations are, you can control what you will do about them.
Fed Hikes Again, Sets Plan to Re-Normalize Balance Sheet
Brian Wesbury breaks down Wednesday’s Fed rate hike and statement.
Bulls, Bears & Charlatans
A market crash is always a possibility. But using scare tactics to get people out of the markets (or keep them in) isn’t helpful to anyone.
US Equity Correction? Prepare, Don’t Panic
It may sound counterintuitive, but there’s really no reason to panic when stocks fall. Corrections can be the best time to add to an equity allocation.