Updating My Favorite Performance Chart For 2017
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10 Things Investors Can Expect in 2018
No one knows what will happen in the world or the market this year, but Ben Carlson has 10 things he feels strongly will happen to investors in 2018.
As Goes January, So Goes the Year?
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Fed Stays on Right Hiking Path
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Tax Changes Are Coming Next Year, but You Can Plan for Them Now
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5 Reasons Investors Should Give Thanks
Jeffrey Kleintop takes comfort in knowing that market gains this year are well supported by the best global growth in years: something to be thankful for.
The Increasing Importance of the 401(k)
Ben Carlson makes the case that “…as pension plans become a thing of the past for most new employees, the 401k will only continue to grow in importance.”
Tax Cuts Matter, Spending Cuts Matter More
Yes, Brian Wesbury writes, tax cuts can help boost growth – at least temporarily – but without cutting spending, faster economic growth can't be sustained.